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Communications Trends to Follow in 2012

In Corporate Communications on January 5, 2012 at 2:49 pm

Stay on Target in 2012

You see them every year around this time: trends and predictions for the new year. Every industry, from business and politics to sports and entertainment, has umpteen articles about what’s in store for the coming year. The communications industry is no exception.

I’ve enjoyed these articles, as they often prove useful to my goal-setting and idea generation. I’ve been bookmarking them and decided to document some of them here at Communications Summit.

Nick Morgan at Forbes kicks off my list with “Morgan’s Top 5 Communication Trends and Predictions for 2012.” His points seem to reinforce what we are already figuring out — that many people simply don’t read much anymore. Our national discourse has been “Twitter-fied” with our attention spans lasting about 140 characters. Videos, short and snappy, are both the present and the future.

The PR Coach answers the question, “What are the Top PR Trends for 2012?” Content, curation, connections, community and counsel are the 5 C’s identified as the top trends. Read the rest of this entry »