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(Arguably) The Best Communications Websites

In Blogs, Corporate Communications on January 26, 2012 at 9:25 am

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Which websites do I find most useful? Glad I asked.

I’ve created a list of websites that have benefited me and should help every corporate communicator. Before I get to it, here is the criteria on which my list is based:

1)      Original Content: Independent research and unique stories that are hard to find anywhere else.

2)      Case Studies: Sites that share real-world examples of success and failure are of particular interest. When you explain how something works and couple that with case studies that drive the point home, the lesson truly resonates.

3)      Broad Topics: Most of us communicators need to know about every platform – digital and print, social and traditional, visual and verbal.

4)      Depth of a Single Topic: Some websites provide such thorough social media content, it’s not a problem if they ignore everything else.

5)      Established Leader: Tried and proven. Some sites have been around for a long time and have developed a loyal following – for good reason.

With that criteria established, here are the websites on my must-read list:

Mashable: If you only visit one site everyday, visit Mashable. For the latest news on communications technology and social media, this is the industry leader. At the Georgia Tech Future Media Fest conference in November, Mashable’s Brian Dresher explained how his site only reports on technologies and services that they have properly vetted and subsequently expect will make an impact. My takeaway? If it’s on Mashable, pay attention.

Ragan: Best known for their conferences and newsletters, they have a very helpful website that covers the gamut of communications.

Kivi’s Nonprofit Marketing Guide: If you are in the nonprofit industry, as I am, it helps to have ideas tailored for your needs. Kivi Leroux Miller is the best that I’ve found in this niche. Her blog is in-depth and immensely helpful.

And now, two blogs that focus solely on social media….and do a magnificent job of it.

Social Media Examiner: I love the case studies you will find here, as well as the solid advice on “all things social.” I recommend signing up for their daily email newsletter.

Hubze: I simply like this social media blog. Full of relevant stories, with illustrative examples and case studies, Hubze helps us find value in social media.

I’d love to hear comments about websites my readers recommend.

  1. That’s a good list. I visit a couple of those sites regularly and I also really enjoy the content at Like you, I appreciate a site that provides good case studies. Reading about what others are doing helps me generate ideas for my own company.

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