Rob Coleman

A Twitter Success Story

In Social Media on January 4, 2012 at 1:01 pm

Twitter logo

Sure, Twitter is an outlet for those amusing, sometimes insightful, often meaningless thoughts that pop into our heads. On occasion, I find a newsworthy comment that hits Twitter before reaching the news sites. And sometimes a Tweet can have a lasting impact, as the American Junior Golf Association witnessed in 2011.

A 16-year-old golfer, who had been playing in AJGA tournaments the past couple years, encountered a sponsor’s end cap display at a grocery store. Having seen this sponsor’s products at AJGA tournaments, she snapped a pic on her mobile phone and uploaded it.

When the folks at this company saw the Tweet, this seemingly small act had a big impact. Pleased with the overall positive response from AJGA golfers, the sponsor will continue to be an AJGA partner in 2012. When they mentioned this Twitter story as an example, we understood the power of Twitter. Encouraging more of our junior golfers to connect, engage and thank our sponsors via Twitter and other social media is now a key tactic in our 2012 social strategy. We hope more success stories will follow.


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